King’s Cross, Tapestry Building

Weaving the past into the present through nuanced designs and materials

An elegant wayfinding design scheme that draws on and reflects local history and industry to support a vibrant regeneration programme.

The Tapestry Building is part of the large-scale redevelopment and regeneration of the King’s Cross area. Our brief was to develop wayfinding designs to reflect the building’s orientation and historical context. We responded with an elegant and nuanced scheme that pays homage to the history of makers and craft, with design elements and materials that echo the exquisite, sculpted facades of this 15-story mixed-use development. Our scheme references local creative industries, still thriving to this day, and the building’s central role within them. In this way, our work looks to preserve and integrate the past, weaving the old into the new for present and future generations.

Client: Argent LLP
Architect: Niall McLoughlin

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