Charlemont Square

Reflecting Charlemont Square’s namesake by framing the retail and leisure offer

A premium wayfinding design solution that embodies the brand essence, shaping an exciting new city centre district.

Charlemont Square, Dublin, blends retail, residential and offices with a vibrant public realm. We were tasked with crafting a wayfinding system that mirrors this transformation. The Charlemont Square brand sets the visual tone for the wayfinding scheme, inspired by its namesake, the square motif appears across the sign family. The grid, also derived from squares, ensured consistency, while we designed bespoke pictograms and arrows as an extension of Odudo, the brand typeface.

We were also commissioned to design the shopfront guidelines, maintaining a uniform retail presence. Charlemont Square's wayfinding isn't just functional; it's an expression of the brand within the built environment and an integral part of the neighbourhood’s evolution.

Client: McGarrell Reilly Group
Architect: Henry J Lyons (Office) / MCORM (Residential)
Landscape: Cameo and Partners
Brand: Begley Hutton
Manufacturer: AD Design

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