V&A Museum, Hoardings

Providing a glimpse of hidden riches through bold and extensive hoarding designs

Elegant and engaging graphic design elements to support the V&A’s restoration programme.

As part of its ambitious programme of restoration and redesign, known as FuturePlan, the V&A created ten new galleries to house its Medieval and Renaissance collection. Holmes Wood were appointed to design all graphic interpretation elements, including maps, labelling, subject panels and gallery books. We also created largescale hoarding graphics to celebrate and promote the new galleries. Extending for over 80 metres along the Cromwell Road, the hoardings provided the public a with a compelling preview of the museum’s content. Stimulating curiosity as the restoration work progressed, our hoarding designs reflected the diversity of the collected works and the beauty of the original building, helping to generate energy and anticipation as FuturePlan reached its completion.

Client: V&A Museum

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