Handley House Vision and Values

Developing branded collateral with global visibility

Compelling animation and physical materials to celebrate Handley House’s new vision and values.

Benoy Branded Environments were briefed to develop branded collateral to support the global launch of the new Handley House vision and values. Our approach was to build upon the Group’s pre-existing brand, bringing it to life using animation and the core headline font, Neutraface. Opting for ‘kinetic typography’, or moving text, we sought to personify each of the five values through individual animations. They now feature on the holding screen in each of the Handley House meeting rooms around the world. For the physical collateral, we used stills from the animations to develop pencils, notebooks, stickers and office key cards. Each piece contains a varying level of information depending on the space allocated for graphic application. They will be included in starter packs for all new employees, helping to reinforce Group culture and ethos globally. To coincide with the announcement and group rebrand, we also installed new wayfinding signs around the studio building.

Client: Handley House
Service: Branded Collateral and Wayfinding

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