Schwarzman Centre for the Humanities: Visual Identity

A groundbreaking new venue for ideas and performance at the University of Oxford

Inspired by the architectural centrepiece, the identity is the visual expression of a place, alive with activity and exchange of ideas

As a new addition to the University of Oxford, this landmark building will serve as the home for the Humanities department while welcoming the public to its world-class concert hall.

The logo simplifies the architectural elements, incorporating hidden books that symbolises the department’s commitment to academic excellence. The visual language is derived from deconstructing the shapes within the logo, creating an Oxford language, captivating scholars with moments of surprise and delight. The primary colour is Oxford Blue, a world-renowned mark of quality, supported with Sandstone, as a nod to the architecture.

Holmes Wood have also been entrusted with the task of designing the wayfinding for this project.

Client: University of Oxford
Typography: Set in Caslon Doric