London College of Fashion

Weaving accessibility into artful navigation

The new home for UAL’s London College of Fashion is a key component of the East Bank cultural quarter in Stratford.

The new London College of Fashion, nestled within Stratford's vibrant East Bank cultural quarter, demanded an integrated approach to wayfinding. With a keen focus on accessibility and embracing the diverse needs of students, faculty, and the public, our creative response is a pared back scheme applied directly to the concrete walls. Using the building as a canvas, this light of touch approach transforms navigation into an effortless, natural experience, more akin to an art installation than traditional signage. This uncomplicated design allows a voice for the students and their creative endeavours.

Our design aligns with the UAL brand, featuring the timeless Helvetica Neue typeface, a striking black-and-white palette, and a grid defined by the proportions and spaces of the stacked square logo symbol. Bespoke pictograms, inspired by garment care labels, pay homage to LCF's fashion offer, while the mapping elements draw inspiration from the bold geometric designs of textile icon Anni Albers. At London College of Fashion, these conceptual design elements mean accessible design becomes an art form, a testament to the fusion of function and creativity.

Client: University of the Arts London
Architects: Allies and Morrison
Developer: The London Legacy Development Corporation

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