London Business School

Creating a unified campus-wide experience

An intelligent wayfinding scheme that seamlessly connects an historic interior with a wider campus environment to reinforce LBS’s reputation.

The development of the Sammy Ofer Centre, London Business School’s new educational facility, called for an intelligent wayfinding scheme that reflected the school’s exemplary standards. The design had to be appropriate for the building’s Grade II listed architecture and adaptable for the wider campus environment. Leveraging the visual language of data, graphs, diagrams and charts, our designs speak to the discipline of learning and the subjects studied on site. The sign system also maps out linear pathways, representing the journey and progression of LBS students. Our signage materials and fonts integrate with the historic interior, while the scheme as a whole helps to broadcast the school’s ambition and presence in the heart of London.

Client: London Business School, UK
Architect: Sheppard Robson

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