Whether it’s enabling visitors to wander intuitively around a museum, or supporting a passenger’s journey through an airport, our aim is to simplify and solve complex challenges linked to space, place and the built environment.

A lot of what we do is about looking after people. Helping them feel comfortable and safe by providing the tools they need to access and understand their environment. And enabling them to interact with their surroundings in a pleasurable, practical and meaningful way. It is wayfinding in its broadest sense, which is about more than just putting signs into buildings and landscapes.

We focus on creating people-centric, context-relevant designs that will stand the test of time and deliver lasting value to our clients and the people that use them.

Working here

Are you passionate about design, a team player, enthusiastic, care about the detail? If so, please send us your CV and samples of work info@holmes-wood.com


Holmes Wood consistently appears in professional books, videos, magazines and websites as an example of good practice and creativity. These include:

Archigraphia ReduxRichard Poulin (introductory essay by Alex Wood)
British Design 2010
Graphic Design in Architecture – Jie Zhou
New Signage Design: Connecting People & SpacesWang Shaoqiang
Novum. 12.16 + Wayfinding
Wayshowing > Wayfinding: Basic & Interactive – Per Mollerup
Wayshowing: A Guide to Environmental Signage; Principles & Practices
– Per Mollerup

Red Things

At the end of each year, we send out a seasonal gift to the many friends of our business. We want to make this something useful as well as amusing.