Benoy is a global family of design specialists committed to delivering world-class solutions for the built environment. In its 70th year, Benoy commissioned us to balance the heritage of the business with a forward-looking rebrand. 

The starting point was the lettering on the title stone at Handley House, the home of Benoy – which informed the entire project. 

Our work encompassed internal and external communications, photography, website, print and film.

We commissioned photographers and filmmakers to take a new approach to illustrating their projects. The emphasis was on people and places – enjoying the environments that Benoy had designed.

This new visual language is central to the new brand and carries through the website, books and stationary.

Several pieces of collateral have been produced to highlight Benoy’s work – past, present and future.

Sketch, scribble, solve – a book highlighting several key Benoy projects as concept sketches. These are intended as a counter to the ‘uncanny valley’ of CGI architectural visuals.

Benoy portfolio – showcasing a selection of their completed international projects through photography.

Next Project

Blythe House, V&A Museum